Meet Cheryl Dorricott

If you are looking for your dream home, whether it is in the country or in the city, you’ll want to have a real
estate agent with a personal touch on your side. One who understands that it is not just about buying
a property, but it is about buying the best property for you and your family.

Having grown up in a rural community and developed her own property, Cheryl Dorricott knows what it takes
to make your next home your own. “It’s having the insight or the foresight to see what can be done with that
property”. She knows that it can be a challenge to buy a property and develop it, but there is also something
about it that Cheryl finds exciting.

“It is about finding the buyer the property that they would like to enjoy, not just about finding a property” .
“I like to reach into my clients personal lives and find out exactly where they want to be, so we can
personalize the experience.”

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When it comes to helping sellers with their needs, Cheryl said she believes it is about telling the story of the property and letting that story bring buyers and sellers together.

Cheryl’s experience includes developing an equestrian facility on her property, which was a long-time dream for her.“When I purchased the property and started making the plans, the beginning was very difficult. It was nothing but trees and a house.”

But it turned into a very, very rewarding experience, she says.

“To be able to see something through from the ground up and all of your vision come to life. It’s wonderful.”

It is that passion/enthusiasm that Cheryl brings to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. She said it is not just about helping buyers and sellers with their properties, it’s about connecting with people to help them realize their dreams.

Whether you are looking for your next home in the city or prefer the rural lifestyle, Cheryl’s experience and personal touch will help you find or sell your property.

Why Work With Me?

When it comes to finding a real estate agent, personality matters. With Cheryl, her passion for people and the home buying experience shows. She is always happy to answer questions, is available to answer her phone and to develop an understanding what her clients are looking for in a property. Her experience in the industry has helped her cultivate connections and gain extensive knowledge about property and home improvements. Cheryl is highly experienced, skilled and great at solving and avoiding problems throughout the home buying process. More importantly, she has personal proficiency in buying and developing a property. Clients who work with Cheryl find they have hired more than just a real estate salesperson, they have found someone who truly cares about their needs and wants.

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada


Sotheby’s International Realty Canada has built up its reputation as one of the most respected in the real estate industry – in Canada and the world.

They have done that by being dedicated and committed to giving their clients more. At Sotheby’s they work harder than any other real estate company to market your home and meet your real estate needs.

Nearly 90 percent of homebuyers today make the internet a big part of their real estate search, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. When it comes to engaging the digitally-savvy real estate consumer, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada leads the way with over 506 million online impressions each year. We are the only real estate company to deliver that many hits online.While other real estate companies rely heavily on basic lawn signs or MLS exposure, Sothbey’s goes beyond traditional methods to get you the best buyer for your home. We market homes through innovative online marketing strategies which make our exclusive relationships with global media outlets work for you. This includes,,,,,, and, as well as on, and

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