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    How to Play Roulette – A Brief Guide!

    First of all I wanted to talk about the positives and negatives associated with the game, I played roulette for many years and I admit that I have made plenty of mistakes in my playing journey. However I would like to identify a few areas where you can increase you chances of winning and believe me when I say that if you stick to these guidelines you will be able to increase your odds in such a way that you could have a more positive outcome rather than expect to lose heavily.

    How to Play Roulette

    So if you are prepared with a few simple pointers you can increase your chances of winning and I would like to share some of these tips with you:

    • – Remember the count will always start at 0, only bet on numbers or corners and never on 0, only bet on a space and not on 0 and only bet if the previous number is equal to your chosen one. The only exception to this rule is when you have to place a bet on two numbers that are next to each other, as in the example above.
    • – Bet on a stick to make sure that you hold the right edge to make your selection.
    • – Be careful with your table and make sure it is your favourite one.
    • – If you winaranteed winnings, you should make sure you protect your money. This is very important!
    • – Place your bet on the space and make sure you hold the right edge to make your selection.
    • – Protect your winnings place them on the section that is the minimum bet.
    • – If you win, make sure you protect your money and change your bet or re-buy in the same way as you did before.
    • – If you lose, the same rules apply, only this time you would wait to make a re-buy.
    • – When you lose on the section you did not bet on, you would take what you won and remove it.

    This helps you to not bet the same amount again.

    Play Roulette

    1. – When you reach the online betting minimum table, some online casinos offer a bonus, so if you reach this limit, some online casinos will give you bonus to try again.
    2. – When you are losing and you think you have reached your limit, it would be advisable to back off and play another game or day.
    3. – If you notice you have not won any hands on a row and start to lose, do not make the mistake of betting on the same space over and over again.
    4. – Do noteven bother to try and win the huge amounts of money that you see on the news. It is a lottery and if the numbers do not work for you, change the game and cash in the winnings.
    5. – Still another point to be considered, if you are winning significantly on one particular table and the other players are mostly losing they might start to wonder if theirs is a lucky table. Their confidence will boost and they will keep playing, which will lead to lose.
    6. – If you notice you are losing a lot, it is not advisable to bet on anything. You need to pay that money in a roulette game and also you will need to observe which roulette table you are winning on.
    7. – Try and have a specifically built pattern for betting and it needs to follow a certain pattern to ensure your luck. When you notice you are betting in a pattern, you are already committing the betting mistake and you can notice this at the roulette table.

    Online roulette strategyelives to be helpful in playing online roulette, especially in discovering information and mistakes to avoid. You should be having a specific strategy for the game always follow it to keep investing in the game.