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I've recently invited friends that I know are business owners to my page on Facebook. About 85% do not have a social media presence ( or I don't know about it and as a consumer, if I don't know about it, it's just like them not being on there). I am sure many of them will wonder why I invited them to the page when they already know I am a social media consultant for businesses.

Here are some very important reasons why your business should have a social media presence:

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  1. Familiarity- On a recent Google + hangout, we talked about social media building client loyalty and familiarity. Merhia Wiese of Reed Art and Imaging said 'If I can build a relationship through social media before the sale and put them at ease, that builds loyalty'. Think of it as a client getting to screen you, making sure they like you as a person first, then asking to buy from you. For me, that makes them a much more valuable client that will likely be loyal and not just transactional.
  2. Shareability- I belong to somewhat of a local 'Homeowner's Association' on Facebook. Someone recently asked if we knew of someone that sold tikis (pictured below for you non-Florida people).I immediately thought of my friend Randy, but he doesn't have a business page. I linked to his personal page, but he probably has privacy settings like everyone else does. This customer was ready to buy, did Randy lose out on a sale because I couldn't send this online customer to a website or a social page? I can't know for sure but it's likely.
  3. Searchability- If someone asks you, 'Hey do you know of a good sushi place?' and one doesn't come to mind what do you do? Probably what 99.9% of us do : Ask Google. Your website mixed with a strong social media presence is more likely to send you the right customers, especially if you are in a niche market. Even if they don't go out for sushi that night, they can 'like' your page and next time you post about your delicious eel roll, they'll remember they wanted to visit. Social media has the ability to go from being searchable to being followed and staying on the forefront of your customer's mind.
  4. Referability- Remember my friend Randy? This is a similar topic but it merits it's own bullet point. I often 'like' my competitors. Why on earth would I do that? I believe that referring out a client that may not be best suited for me but for a competitor will not only benefit my customer ( and his loyalty next time he needs to refer someone), but also that of my competitors. If they know my specialty, they are more likely to refer me clients that I actually want.
  5. Personality- We live in a world where there are likely many people that provide the exact same product or service you do. So what makes you stand out? Your personality. Similarly, you can stand out on social media by showing what makes you and your business special. I knew a financial planner that was very active in the running community and got many referrals that way. Why? Because people liked him as a person. Of course, you have to know your stuff and carry out great service, but most buying decisions are emotional. Marathon Consulting features their dogs to show their personality and to make their page fun.

Even with social media platforms changing, social media presence is no longer an option, but a requirement for your business. I hope you see the value it can bring you in referring the right kinds of clients and building loyalty from those you already have.

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