Pac-Man Celebrates 35 Years!

May 22, 1980 was the day that started it all. Today marks the beginning of the 35th Anniversary of the classic game Pac-Man. 35 years since this quarter-muncher was in arcades providing countless hours (yeshours) of enjoyment and frustration to many who have since grown up into middle age and had little ones of their own. What was once just a phenomenon of an interactive arcade game has since spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. Truly, if Computer Space was the grandfather of the modern videogame industry, then surely Pac-Man must be it's father.

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The game has spawned sequels, cartoons and a movie-in-production and is still played to this day on computers around the world, on modern game systems and is even to be found on iPhone and iPad with "Championship" editions released especially for this historic anniversary.

To help celebrate, Google has crafted into it's homepage a playable doodle of the original Pac-Man with all 256 original levels and bugs. Just wait 10 seconds for it to load, or click on the "Insert Coin" button to start. This is Google's first interactive doodle. The doodle will remain up on Google's homepage until midnight May 22, 2010.

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