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Most of America has been on a diet at some point or another in their lifetime. It may have been for a wedding or a special occasion. It may have been trying to lose the post baby weight or to take off some of the extra weight you put on as muscle when you we're a young athlete that has subsequently converted to fat as you become less active.

Then we have the chronic dieter. This is someone that has been on many diets throughout their lifetime. They lose weight on a diet, go off the diet and gain it all back. These dieters can be on as many as 5-7 diets in one year.

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Not only is chronic dieting very difficult on your body, but it is mentally and emotionally draining. It wears on your confidence, self-image, happiness, and can even make your relationships suffer.

Lets look at one aspect of why diets don't work. It isn't anything like what you might expect. It isn't your diet, your amount of exercise or anything else physical. It is your mentality.

When you diet, you only look at one aspect of food and it is usually something that is restrictive or quantitative in nature. For example, low- fat or low-carb diets, weight watchers where you count points. Or maybe you are on a calorie restriction diet.

All of these miss the point. The word diet means lifestyle. None of the above is a lifestyle that can or should be maintained for a lifetime. Most people that begin one of these diets soon finds themselves feeling deprived, overwhelmed, bored and will only maintain it for a short time. Some will reach their goal, but then ultimately go back to their old ways, regaining the weight they lost.

Not to mention that most people go into a diet with an all or nothing attitude. They start out gung ho, but have a bad day or slip. They will write off the rest of the day and say I'll start again tomorrow. In many cases though tomorrow never comes. They simply give up.

Instead of going on a diet, find freedom in setting an intention to nourish and fuel your body. If you look at food as fuel, you will automatically make better choices. Your body is a high performance machine like a Ferrari or Maserati. You would never dump sludge or sugar into the gas tank of your car right? You would only put in the highest quality fuel so it performs the best. Well, we can go buy a new car, but you only get one of you.

Look at the options. There are some basic rules in your food choices. Using common sense, and some nutrition tips as a guideline. We all know that vegetables are a better source of fuel than a donut or candy bar. We know that a piece of organic chicken breast is better than eating a loaded chili dog. And fresh foods are better than something out of a box, package or can.

When you focus on fueling your body vs. filling it with sludge or sugar, you will ultimately have more energy, your body will utilize the calories you are taking in more efficiently and it will revert back to your ideal weight.

So focus on having at least 1 vegetable with every meal. Have lots of water to flush out the existing sludge and hydrate your cells. Minimize the amount of sugar and processed foods you eat.

Take these as your first baby steps and leave the diets alone. You will actually begin to enjoy meals and your body will thank you too!

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