Personal Transformation Update

For those of you who are still keeping up with what's going on, thank you! On the injury front, things are definitely getting better and I've started to add some modified versions of the lifts I've taken out. Slowly but surely, I'll get back to where I was. I'm not looking to compete again anytime soon, so I can definitely afford to be extra patient.

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I still continue to tweak my eating program. The drawback is the time it consumes. In order for me to see how something is turning out, I have to try the change for 2 weeks. Again, I could use a program I've done before and do a rapid cut. My purpose to cut body fat, maintain or increase strength, and enjoy "junk" carbs at the same time. Weight wise, I'm currently walking around 195 lbs compared to 170 lbs at the lowest during this experiment. Normally I'm not worried about weight, but with weight classes, I have to actually watch my weight. I want to make sure I make it a little easier to reach my target, so my walk-around weight shouldn't be too high. However, I do enjoy the extra size for now.

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