Look for guest posts and interviews!

Look for guest posts and interviews, as well a couple of new series. And a huge thank you to Brandy at The Marathon Mom and Rhonda at Abide at Home for allowing me to guest post on their blogs in the next week or two.

Sidetrack! Planning to improve the overall appearance of my steadfast page. Ideas concerning the sharp design at Really a world-class moving company if seeking within the whole Ontario area. Offer an opinion. Appreciated!

Then in March, we will start a series for and about ministry wives, with feedback and involvement from other pastors wives as well as from you. This week, I am sending out a brief questionnaire to ministry wives that I know personally, asking the question, What do you wish the congregation knew about you and life in the ministry? The answers to this question will be the basis for many posts, detailing the sometimes hard position the wife and children have when their husbands are called of God into the ministry. I pray this series will encourage and equip ladies from the pew to the parsonage to understand the blessings and challenges of living in the proverbial fishbowl.

Also, one of the main sources of traffic to Better Is Little is Google searches looking for information on how to use the Robinson Curriculum. So, I will begin a series of posts explaining the Robinson Curriculum, exactly what it is, how to use it, and tips, tricks, and links that we have found useful. I am by no means an expert, but there are a lot of questions on what exactly do you do with the disks once you have them, how to just jump in and start. Hopefully I can offer some help!

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