World of Fantasy

When you read a work of fiction, you have the chance to walk through a door into another world of fantasy and pure imagination, into another dimension. I hope you will let that happen to you as you read this tale.

The books main character and her friend, Lala, share many adventures together. The little French girl decides to embark on the greatest adventure of her life. She chooses to leave the comforts of her childhood. She has decided to become an adult. But the fearless curiosity of the child within her will always stand her in good stead. She is courageous, self-confident, loving and strong. She has learned to love herself first, which is the key to loving others with an open heart.

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Sometimes this story may not fit with what you have been taught to accept as reality in your everyday life. There is storybook make believe here, so I want you to imagine, to make believe, that everything I have written really happened, and continues to happen in the life of this beautiful girl and her friend, Lala. Remember that your reality can often be what you choose to make it. We have many choices in life.

The dates in this story always appear without a year. Only the seasons matter. In the world of this little girl, time does not matter. Only her experiences do. So try to let time disappear and imagine your way into her life.

The little French girl never betrays what she believes in: kindness, always telling the truth, always having an open heart and, most important, living life to it's fullest by following her dreams.

In this story, you will see how much she loves animals with her whole heart. Understanding more about our important relationship with them, being kind to them, and standing up for them is something we all too often taken for granted. If more people try to understand animals in a new way, they may see choices we have everyday to enrich life on the planet we share with all living creatures.

At the end of this book, more than anything else, I hope you will understand that you can always trust what is in your heart, as this little girl does. If you listen to your heart, it will never let you down. The little French girl will never let you down if you just trust her. Neither will Lala.


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