Nondual Christianity And The Demiurge

The unleavened gospel is a seamless bridge between the highest stages of spiritual enlightenment and the lowest foundations of fundamentalism. This makes sense because when a house is built, it must have a good roof and a sound base. It can't afford to specialise in one at the cost of the other.

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It takes the third ring of power to achieve this, and this is why King Solomon built the Temple. He had no bias in terms of personal specialism. Without self in the equation, he was a selfless builder.

If we look at the churches of today, they are either lofty or base, religious or easygoing, enlightened or fundamentalist. They cannot combine the two and still hope to become a successful church.

It is well known that we can't successfully mix charitable and corporate aims, so many of the churches have taken to business strategy. They think along the lines of the first ring of power.

Both charitable outreaches and business strategies have their flaws. They create lopsided organisations that are upward or downward polarised. How can we return to the days of the early church while making forward progress in this day and age?

We need to attain to a mystical, non-dual viewpoint. Church building cannot be perfected by conventional wisdom, but only by the supernal wisdom of the RUACH HA KODESH.

A personal awakening of light and power gave me the conviction that non-duality or mystic oneness is the real nature of the true Christian experience, but that a personal Elohim was still true. YHWH transcendent, and YHWH imminent.

This was consistent with true and legitimate obedience to the Torah under Divine inspiration. Fundamentalism and nondual spiritual enlightenment we're one and same. Contrary to popular opinion, they all belong to YESHUA of Nazareth.

The realm of The Unknowable was completely compatible with Judeo-Christian belief.

One could still go to Hell because although the division is illusory, an independent self can become trapped in the fixed state of torment called Hell. This was seen from the perspective of oneness.

As I ascended to the centre of life, I lost touch with worldly identification. But as I returned, I saw how worldly identification was due to the influence of the fallen angel principalities and powers.

This happened within ordinary waking consciousness. My soul moved to the place of experience, but my body was perceiving with the ordinary five senses.

I am not given to teach a path of strange and possibly dangerous bodily dis-identification, but I do stress the importance of the shift of attention and soul, to locate spiritual understandings, as part of the inspired life of the servant of the RUACH HA KODESH.

When it came to the re-identification with the ordinary world, I was never quite the same. Although I was not changed in any physical sense, I was somehow more aware, and my awareness made me aware of the influences in the world around me.

The world is intelligent, alive, filled with spirits who have our eternal destruction in mind. They are aware of our faith above all else, and they became aware of my new condition. This made them antagonistic, but they we're always present. Previously I accepted them as if they we're my own thoughts.

Spiritual psychology admits to this fact, that the thinker is an amalgamation of spiritual forces, identities and archetypes submerged in a collective consciousness. But we prefer to say principalities and powers.

If we we're really smart, we could define the fallen angel collective consciousness.

The Fallen Angel Collective Consciousness

We think a thought, but we are not the thinker. The thought was piped into us, so we danced. But if Diana of the Ephesians is the pied piper, then we are truly in trouble. We will naturally feel like attending her churches. We will strongly believe in her ideas. We will without question conform to her standard. What can set us free?

We can earnestly desire to serve "Jesus," but who is the Jesus who placed that thought in our spirit? We have to examine ourselves (2 Cor. 13:5), we have to turn around and question every cherished religious idea.

Every politician has his campaign, but the fallen angels sell themselves continually to man. How much more cautious ought we to be with the thoughts that come into our mind, than with the unknown salesman?

We have to see how deep the trap is. Before awakening, I naturally acquiesced to the thoughts that we're coming from outside of myself. They included religion as much as any type of debauched thought. The good thoughts and the bad thoughts, where do they all come from?

If the HOLY SPIRIT did not give me the thought, then it was coming from another source. The unleavened gospel knows that it is possible to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Mat. 4:4).

The world does not believe this. The church thinks it is impractical. But why should it be practical to follow Dagon?

Did the thought it is impractical to follow every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God come from your own brain, or did it come from out of the fallen-angel collective consciousness?

Such examination of individual thoughts and motives need to be ongoing and continual. They form a discipline. This is not too extreme, given the circumstances.

If the HOLY SPIRIT has not given a thought to a man or woman, then that man or woman can only operate through another program. Why should it be more practical to follow Satan? The answer is that it takes strength and determination to follow the HOLY SPIRIT. Impractical is the voice of Satan, in the moment one thinks it.

There are no neutral activities, and there are no activities that we can cover through moralism. In the spiritual world, moralism does not exist. There is only the current will of YESHUA or the current will of Satan. Man cannot choose anything else because YESHUA and Satan account for all possible thoughts in all time and space.

In the spiritual world, man follows the current will of Satan, while believing that he is moral. Morality is used to trap him, to make him do the present time will of Satan. Morality is not what it is painted out to be. Very few people would follow straight morality.

The Toltecs refer to men of reason, and we think of Sigmund Freud who was strictly rational. He might have lived by a moral code, had it been introduced to him, and he would have done so because, technically, he had filtered out the energy fields from "the unknown."

Other people follow the current will of Satan, while falsely interpreting it as their own moral structure. They change "the unknown" into an item of "the known."

Fallen angels speak to people continually, but they are interpreted in terms of "ordinary events" and as "one's own thinking."

The Demiurge As The Blind Oracle

The archons could be viewed as errors that are like waves breaking on man. We must get out past the surf. Each one passed yields the view of the next. The unravelling of self is reflected in the archons, for the human dilemma is their dilemma, and Adamic man deserves them because he is like them.

If Adam man was obedient, he would not deserve the archons, and their tyrannical influence would recede from him. But he does deserve them. He has corrupt Gods because he is corrupt. This is the balance of YHWH.

Sanctification means perceiving the archonic influences by which, as fiery arrows, unsanctified man is slain all day long. Life becomes unpleasant by the extra perception, but it becomes empowered and deep. Unconditional love replaces the old man.

The Toltecs speak of The sharpshooters of the universe. Neo saw the matrix as digits, which is the digital ego of Therion the machine god.

He saw thoughts coming at him, and could alter the position of his assemblage point to dance on the edge of life.

The Matrix is a Gnostic film. It speaks of Therion and the Machines of the sixth dispensation.

The Demiurge is at a higher level. I feel that it should be technically called an aeon rather than an archon. It is the laughing mama of Adidam.

Da Free John explained the entrapment and freedom from it's klic klac, the way in which it creates a corrupt individuism of personal existence. This is profoundly deep, and a sense of wonder and astonishment arises about what is through the hole in the donut for he said the heart is the hole in the donut.

This speaks of a ring-pass-not in the inner planes. One can ascend to higher and higher realms, but the Demiurge is always one step ahead, making sure that almost nobody ever does reach the deeper land.

The Demiurge is really not anything like we would expect a high-level being to be. It's operation is careless and disturbing. We are chess pieces in an Alice In Wonderland game. This is whimsical. Our lives are based on the preposterous. Based on these failing foundations, our life plans are absurd.

This is deeper than what we have heard about spiritual enlightenment. Adidam describes how enlightenment is a desirable object, but seventh stage enlightenment is always already the case. It is radically free of the usual dilemma.

The Demiurge has tainted the world of spiritual affairs. Much like the harlot church in Christianity, she is a ruler within certain sects of Gnosticism. The Oracle has usurped the place of the Gnostic Sophia.

Portrayed as existing over and against the architect (Yaldabaoth,) the Oracle (Demiurge) truly is no guide for the blind.

The laughing mama keeps her enemies close at hand, and she keeps them well fed. Perhaps this is why she is laughing. Her traps are all inescapable. It takes a heroic effort to break free.

The Demiurge is significantly horrific. It is a mechanism of unenlightenment and duality. It creates a pandemic division in life, and the resultant unhappiness is enough to drive a search into man. He escapes into the creation to avoid the question of his separation from the uncreated.

He does this in every moment. Perhaps food interests him, or he has to watch television. But even if he meditates, the activity of self is still maintained. The fear is that something is dreadfully wrong, so retain the operation of self at all costs, but this fear is only the demiurge defending the seventh stage doorway.

The Demiurge is the doubly blind Oracle of the Matrix. It is blind in spiritual terms, and by it's own admission. The Oracle says that she lacks the ability to see past her own choices, explaining how no-one, not even herself, can see past a choice they do not understand.

This is of the nature of a high level knot, or bind. Is it really true that we cannot see past something we don't understand?

At first, yes it is true. It would be ignorance, at a lower stage of life if we claimed knowledge. This alludes to the embracing of the unknown.

At a later stage of life it becomes an incorrect answer withincreasingly large generations of error. To agree with the Oracle / Laughing Mama is to yield complicity to conventional enlightenment teachers, but to disagree is to embrace the wonderful world of always already.

In that world, you are enlightened because there is nobody there to tell you that you are not enlightened! Anything can exist, for the reason that there is nothing else there to act as a countermediary principle. This is the ultimate creativity, which must somehow have a relation to the Creator as the unknowable / uncreated.

We must exceed the conspiracy theories of the conspiracy theorists!

The Gnostic Sophia is the mother of the Demiurge, but she was ashamed of it. I saw through prophecy that, like the descent of Sophia, she will willingly fall into and through the Demiurge, incorporating and bearing all of it's twisted matter in an act of inclusiveness.

Sophia will fall into the earth. This is how she becomes the seventh cycle earth archon.

Gioconda of MadridThe Mona Lisa as it would have appearedin the 16th Century. This is the Gnostic Sophia, who is the seventh cycle earth archon.

Hellfire And Brimstone Satsang

Permit me to address areas where the worldly enlightenment community resist Christian facts about sin, salvation, Heaven and Hell.

I had similar ideas, and I was not brought up within a religious context. [Though western society is inherently Mithraic Christianity].

In my Christian nondual experience, I saw that the unknowable was the absolute mystery, but this did not negate the individual consequences of sin. If life is only a dream, as some say, then it will all be returned to a glorious unity in Heaven. But this is forgetting that life on earth already contains far too much Hell for this belief to hold water.

This is not reflected in mere Christianity, where Yaldabaoth lives, and where a hopeful charity has taken hold. True love knows that it will win, but it knows that the path of the Christian is self-sacrificing in nature. There is no place for hope in that, no room for the consolation of religious vanity.

Some of those in the enlightenment community do not believe in Christianity because they are at variance with the idea that the horror of Hell could exist. They are angry about judgement, and find such darkness absurd, believing it an unnecessary move of any true God.

That is the conventional anti-Christianbelief. If we utilise personal experience, our viewpoints will clarify themselves based on fact. The nature of war on earth proves that total bedlam could exist in another dimension of the universe. For where can Hell on earth come from unless a plane of darknesshas impinged on the earth plane?

Indeed, I liken it to the chaos powers within the fictional Warhammer 40,000. [Realise that when it comes to fiction,the second attention is ordinarily perceivedas items of the first].

Some say, the impersonal God disproves the personal God. And yet in our own lives we see that Sally has two sides. 1) She is a person, 2) She is a spirit. Made in the image of our Creator, we are both personal and impersonal. And so is He.

He is both the impersonal, unknowable Light, but also the Trinity of Father, Mother and Son. This makes sense, because otherwise you only accredit the guru, which is essentially a hypocrisy. You say God is impersonal but then you pile at the feet of an Avatar. Such human behaviour attests to the fact that YESHUA of Nazareth was truly the Messiah, and Elohim in human form. Man is not only looking for a spiritual teacher, he is looking for the Messiah.

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