The world didn't crash on year 2000

Thanks God the world didn't crash on year 2000 so computers are still working fine and the Internet cloud is now bigger and stronger than before.

Did you noticed how easy is to find information online compared to a few years back? ( great job Google ) This is due to SEO -Search Engine Optimization - and how the information is stored on CMS.

As a result of SEO techniques and CMS tools information is now geographically related and categorized by language, relevance, keywords and few other parameters, making it easily accessible on the web.

You can find several CMS softwares available on the market according to your budget and specific needs but, for most of us (mere mortals) Wordpress is probably the way to go either for a small to mid-size business or just a personal blog.

Wordpress programming is not only fun but it empowers you to get control of your website.

Once your website is up and running you won't depend on any developer to keep it up to date. Adding images, videos or changing the way it looks is as friendly as copy-pasting from a Word document, and changing background and colors as simple as the versatility your preferred theme.

Posted in Real Estate Post Date 10/20/2018






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