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Despite popular opinion, women aren't "worse" or "better" drivers than men, but some differences in statistics between the sexes has lead to the rise of cheap car insurance for women. Women are shown to drive fewer miles than men, reducing their premiums, and they're also known to drive more cautiously, helping to prevent the need for claims. As such there are a number of insurance companies now offering fantastic discounts to female drivers, but you can save even more by following these simple steps.

1) Saving Money If You're A Younger Driver

At any age, the statistics show that men generally make more expensive claims than women do. However, there is a bigger gap between men and women under the age of 20, which means young women have the potential to save even more on their car insurance.

Finding affordable auto insurance for young women is easiest when looking towards insurers that cater towards women. However, it's also well worth doing a search for a plan that will reward you for every year in which you don't make a claim.

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2) Increase Your Discounts

Finding cheap car insurance for women may also mean cutting out a few areas of insurance that you don't really need. Take advantage of certain discounts, such as having a higher deductible (as long as you know you'd be able to afford it), and you can dramatically lower your premium. Some other things to avoid include towing, medical coverage and rental. You may even already been covered for some of these aspects elsewhere.

3) There Are Still Ways To Save Even Further

The real "secret" to finding cheap car insurance for women is to research, and that means going beyond simply choosing an insurance firm that caters specifically to women. You should compare insurers across the board for what you're looking for and you should make the effort to reduce your premium even further by keeping a no claims bonus, choosing your car model carefully, and adding security devices to your vehicle to prevent theft.

When you start your search for cheap car insurance for women, using a comparison site will help to save as much time as possible. By doing so, you can compare a large amount of insurers in a short amount of time, against any specific features you're looking for. The truth is that being born female already puts you in a great position for affordable auto insurance, but putting in a little effort can give you the best savings.

It isn't too difficult to find cheap car insurance for women, thanks to the internet.

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