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I have often meditated on that verse, wondering what they meant by, Did not our heart burn within us Was it that feeling you get when ignorance and superstition are burned away and replaced with truth and clarity of thought? Perhaps it was something familiar about the way that he taught them; the way that he spoke with authority and knowledge that made them burn deep inside with a fledgling recognition that would only be fully realized later.

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If I could be transported to any place and time in history, I would like to be on that road to Emmaus; walking with Jesus as he taught from the scriptures; being a member of the original fellowship of the flaming heart! But truth be known, I HAVE felt that burning. Whenever I open Gods word and the Holy Spirit beams the light of Gods truth into the dark recesses of my depraved heart, I feel the same burn of illumination that the disciples felt on that dayon that roadwith that man. Truth be known, we have a much greater advantage than those two disciples had. We have the completed canon of scripture, and we have the Holy Spirit to take that scripture and guide us into all truth.

So today, why not take your own journey to Emmaus? Open Gods word and feel the burn.

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