Changing how we appreciate music...

From blogs speaking of every new release and even more people being a part of the conversation on social media, we've grown to be waddling music freaks. There's nothing wrong with that, especially because of how easy downloading music is.

$0.99 for a song seems reasonable, and we all know piracy is a thing. On top of downloading, streaming services are available. YouTube is one of the biggest music libraries out there as well.

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Music listening has become a convenience, and because of that it seems that there are more frequent music listeners now than ever before. There's one slight problem to this whole music phenomenon though, and that would be quality.

YouTube to MP3 sites, ITunes, and torrents tend to be the most convenient for the average music lover, but it does have it's downsides. An MP3 file gets the original song file to about a tenth of the size of the CD version through compression. When that occurs it leaves the listeners, if they even notice, wondering why the song doesn't spark the same emotion it did when hearing it on vinyl or CD for the first time.

In an interview with Harman Kardon, a leading speaker company, Grammy award-winning sound engineer Andrew Scheps said that in his experience with listening rooms, when playing an MP3 or AAC of a song requested by an audience member, typically those who requested it along with one to two more people would bop their heads. When playing the CD or high-res version of the same song, usually four times as many people would bop their heads.

This difference shows that there has to be something being lost by the compression of MP3s. Yet claiming that MP3s are the music equivalent to the devil would be an overstatement.

Though not the way many musicians would like the listener to experience the song, it has brought many to become more passionate of the artists work and offers additional platforms for the music. Because of how convenient and easy it is to get a song though, it seems that it it is just that much easier to throw away and not think much of it.

The pictures, the lyrics, the commentary and the "special thanks" in the full package that makes an album might just be a thing of the past. The question is that now, knowing what many music lovers may be missing out on, will our habits change?

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